Wind Wand

A hand-drawn 2D physics puzzler and platformer

Product Information

It is strongly recommended to download the stand-alone, operating system dependent versions instead. Much better visual quality and physics simulations!

Game Genre: 2D physics puzzler/platformer
Built for: Game Prototyping
Project Development Time: 2 weeks
Engine: Unity3D

WASD (or arrow keys) to move and SPACE key to jump.
Mouse left-click and drag to create a "wind influence zone" to manipulate props when you've obtained the "Wind Wand"
Mouse right-click to throw your influenced props, should you have any in your grasp.

Supported Aspect Ratios:

Other notes:
This is my very first time:
-Making a strictly 2D game in Unity.
-Drawing every asset by hand
-Animating props and characters
-Making a game that was completely made with my own assets (other than fonts), including sounds, art, character controllers, animations, skyboxes, scripts, etc.