Infinity Sprinter

An infinitly generating "bullet-hell" style space shooter influenced by F-Zero X

Product Information

It is strongly recommended to download the stand-alone, operating system dependent versions instead. Much higher visual fidelity!

Game Genre: Mixed genre "Bullet-hell" style infinite runner with a space racing twist
Built for: Digital Game Design
Project Development Time: 1 week
Engine: Unity3D

----Basic controls
W A S D (or arrow keys)
---Further controls

This infinity generating bullet-hell style space shooter is a fast paced, action packed thrill ride! Blast your way through unlimited enemies and zip along the raceway at incredible speeds. Collect power-ups to temporarily upgrade your ship's speed and firepower! How far can you get?

Infinity Sprinter features a completely custom vehicle controller and camera rig. This ship was programmed using it's own unique physics solution that doesn't rely PhysX for outrageously "true-to-life" controls and simulated inertia. The ship will also dynamically sense it's environment and adjust its height within a perfect threshold to give a simulated "hover" feeling without any jitter. The custom camera rig was specifically designed to adjust smoothly with speed, and will widen and constrict it's field of vision for a more perceivable illusion of acceleration and deceleration.

Supported Aspect Ratios:
Music from: Thunder Force IV OST (Sega Genesis 1992)