Hello! My name is Aidan Lawrence, and I'm a software developer and electronics enthusiast from Southern California. I've had a fascination with programming, electronics, and robotics ever since I was little. This website serves as my own personal collection of creations and stories of what I think is cool! Just about everything on this site has been opened-sourced so that you can learn first-hand from what I've made. 

Since I went to college for Game design and Programming, lots of my school projects are on here as well - ready to play and open-sourced!

I love technology and games! :)

You can contact me here.

Want to support my work?

I host this website, assets, and all of my games ad-free. It’s pretty expensive to run so many services for free, but I feel that it’s totally worth it! If you’d like to support my work and drop a tip, I’d really appreciate it. You may tip any amount you desire, and tips are not required for any services provided on this website. Thank you!

What did you use to create your website?

This is a frequently asked question. I purchased my web server from Hostgator, and my Content Management System (CMS) is WordPress. If you would like to create a website like mine, you can click this link for a pretty hefty discount on hosting. That link also helps me host this site for free and without ads. Need help developing your website or application? Feel free to contact me!