Infiltrators (Holiday Edition)

A low-gravity, online multiplayer first person shooter!

Product Information

It is strongly recommended to download the stand-alone, operating system dependent versions instead. Much higher visual fidelity!

Game Genre: Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter
Built for: Game Prototyping
Project Development Time: 2 weeks
Engine: Unity3D

----Basic controls
W A S D + MOUSE (First person)
---Further controls
Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON → Fire Weapon
Hold RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON → Aim down sights
Press R to reload your weapon.
SPACE to jump. Holding space longer equates to a longer jump arc
LEFT CONTROL to fall faster and crouch
F1 to switch teams (This will result in a suicide!)
F2 instantly kill your character (suicide)

Fight against your friends over the internet in this low-gravity multiplayer first person shooter! Attack your opponent team's power source while defending your own to win. First team to eliminate their opponents power source wins! In this special holiday edition, the power sources are represented by presents. There is also a special holiday environment Easter egg to be found should one of the power source presents hit 500 health! <a href="">Official instructions can be found by clicking here!</a>

Supported Aspect Ratios:

Polynomial-C --- Aphex Twin
Pulsewidth --- Aphex Twin