An experimental first person physics puzzler that pushes Nvidia's PhysX to its limits!

Product Information

WARNING! Due to the highly experimental nature of the physics in Viscosity, it is strongly recommended to have a powerful processor in your computer! Modern Quad Core processors run this game best!

Game Genre: First Person Physics Puzzler
Built for: Digital Game Design
Project Development Time: 2 Months
Engine: Unity3D

----Basic controls
W A S D (or arrow keys) to move.
SPACE to jump
Hold LEFT SHIFT to sprint
---Further controls
LEFT MOUSE to interact with objects (and change the phase of the Viscosium sample)
RIGHT MOUSE HOLD to pull along the liquid Viscosium.

TEAM PROJECT BY: Team No Fun Allowed.
---Aidan Lawrence---Julio Gonzalez---Phillip Gonzales---Zac Bogner---

Supported Aspect Ratios:

Want to know how Viscosity was designed? Check out our Game Design Document!
Want to know how Viscosity was programmed? Check out our Technical Design Document!
Music credits can be found here!