Coming in Hot!

Fast-flying 2D flight platformer that puts you in control of a miniature jet!

Product Information

Game Genre: Casual mobile
Built for: Personal project
Project Development Time: 5 weeks
Engine: Unity3D

----Basic controls
Use the on-screen accelerator and brake to move.
Tilt your device to steer your plane.
Pinch-and-zoom to get a better look at the map


Take-off and land your miniature jet airplane successfully on the platforms to win!
Features custom silly flight physics that are sure to make you smile every time you horribly crash and burn.

As long as your fuselage makes it to the platform, you're all good! Green platforms are the easiest to land on, red platforms are the hardest, and yellow are somewhere in between. Earn more points by landing on the more difficult platforms.

Careful! Losing parts on your plane will alter the way it flies.

Good luck and happy flying!