Eat the Chocolate

A crazy, colorful, convection' collectin', chocolate-themed mobile game for Android!

Product Information

Game Genre: Casual mobile
Built for: Personal project
Project Development Time: 5 weeks
Engine: Unity3D

----Basic controls
Tap the pieces on the screen to eat them!

In Eat the Chocolate, you're tasked with eating as much chocolate as you possibly can! Enjoy classic piano music to accompany the comfortable aesthetic while munching on hundreds of colorful chocolate convection flying across the table! Don't let any chocolate pieces hit the floor, and avoid eating TNT (It's terrible for your teeth!).

Earn in-game chocolate coins just from playing the game. You can use these coins to unlock new chocolate bars and even more amazing classic piano music. (Don't worry, you can't pay-to-win in this game).

Are you ready to Eat the Chocolate?


View the full song list here!