December 13, 2016

Quaternion Fast Fighters

Battle your friends in this insane, gravity-defying multiplayer experience!

Product Information

Game Genre: Multiplayer Fighter-ship Battle
Built for: GAM-52 Final Project Prototype
Project Development Time: 6 weeks
Engine: Unity3D

----Basic controls
W, A, S, D -OR- Arrow keys to move arround.
SPACE -OR- Left mouse button to fire, hold to rapid-fire.
TAB key to view score board.
ENTER to start game (if host)
ESC to enter and exit menus.


Rip around corners and fly upside-down underneath the track while you take out your friends in this unique multiplayer experience. Quaternion Fast Fighters features high-tech "hyper-ships" that will magnetically grip onto the surface of the track, allowing for some insane maneuvers around the arena. Don't be afraid to careen off the side of the track - use it to your advantage!
This project is designed to be a prototype of a full multiplayer experience using the Unity game engine. Port-forwarding is not required when creating your own server.

Music provided by Skaven 252 - Bejeweled 2 Soundtrack. Used under Creative Commons.

A "Quaternion" refers to the rotation technique that jumps into complex number systems. Quaternions are used heavily in this game for the main rotation system that keeps your ship attached to the track! Read more about them here!