2014 Unity3D Projects

Download Sources and Project Folders

All projects on this page are under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License and are free to download. If you'd like to download a project folder/source code for a game, click here!

Infiltrators (Holiday Edition)

A low-gravity, online multiplayer first person shooter!


A survival horror reconnaissance mission taking place in the heart of the abandoned nuclear wasteland, Pripyat.

Silly Symphony Shooter

A musical theater-meets-midway mashup with you as the maestro!

Wind Wand

A hand-drawn 2D physics puzzler and platformer

Shaped Combat

"Primitive" Turn-based 3D combat game

PuP: Potentially Unwanted Program

A first person stealth game with YOU as the antagonist!

Ultra Defense: Everything Explodes Edition

A simple tower-defense game focused around protecting your base from the invading army!

Virtual Fish Tank

A Unity3D AI and Pathfinding Project

Super Space Shooter

My first 2D Game built in the Unity3D engine!