Analogue Games


Best-in-class winning analogue board game

Game Details

Designed by: Aidan Lawrence and Michelle Hinojosa
Awards & recognitions:
1) Best Game in Class
2) Two student nominations for best Designer in class (Myself and Michelle Hinojosa)
3) One student (Myself) winner of "Best in Class"
4) Displayed in student art gallery explaining why games can be considered art.

Game Genre: Action Adventure
Made for: Class final project

"Fimbulvetr is a highly dynamic, randomly generating board game that plays differently every single time. Players can chose to explore in any direction they like, and harvest resources along the way to aid them on their quest to prevent the end of the world, known as 'Ragnarok'. Fimbulvetr is heavily influenced aesthetically by Norse mythology and takes place in a fantasy world filled with monsters and treasures. No play session is ever the same... can YOU stop Ragnarok before it's too late?"