PlasticSCM Tips and Tricks

So now that you're all set up with PlasticSCM, what kind of things should you be aware of?


1) Make sure that Unity (and your IDE, like Visual Studio or Monodevelop) are completely closed before checking-in files or switching your workspace. This will eliminate any conflict with .lock files.

2) If you are trying to switch your workspace and the client tells you that there are changes that are pending, go to the "Pending changes tab" and hit the "Checkin" button if you have any work that you would like to save to the server. If there are no new real asset files (items such as random meta data or solution files can usually be tossed), you may "Undo Changes" to rid your Pending changes.

3) Want to see how your code (or other text assets) differ from other versions? Right-click a changeset from the Branch Explorer and select "Create Code Review for this branch." Give the code review a name, and now you will be able to see all the differences in code between versions! Awesome!

4) Until you are confident with PlasticSCM, I would highly suggest NOT merging branches that do not belong to you. Leave that to me, as incorrect branch merges can have catastrophic consequences.

5) You may, however, create as many sub branches as you would like off what ever preexisting branch you desire. Branches are essentially "profiles" and changesets are "saves" in that profile. PlasticSCM is like a gigantic memory card that saves EVERYTHING. You may always switch your workspace to a previous changeset at any time.

6) If you plan to use PlasticSCM on the public school computers, make sure to uninstall PlasticSCM when you are done! PlasticSCM will remember user profiles and will not automatically log you off. Team members are responsible for keeping their login information and the team project safe from unauthorized editors.

7) Please read this awesome guide to git methodology. 


I hope this quick guide has helped you understand PlasticSCM better! If you have any questions, email me at any time at [email protected]