Fix-it Scripts

I've written some scripts to help Norco College students deal with the annoying software and policies enforced on school computers. Download them all you want - they're free! Hope these scripts help!

Murder MonoDevelop

Ever get stuck loading MonoDevelop only to have it seize up and prevent you from programming? This script instantly kills the MonoDevelop process without any administrator privileges needed. Forget Task Manager! Muder Mono will get you back to programming in no time!



Nuke ZoomText

Nobody likes ZoomText. This is a fact of life. Who ever thought binding ZoomText to CTRL+ALT+Z is a misanthrope. This script will remove all key-bindings associated with ZoomText quickly without requiring any administrative privileges. Note: When using Nuke ZoomText, you may notice "Access Denied" pop up a few times. Don't worry, the script will still work. Nuke ZoomText performs a comprehensive search for all keybinds associated with ZoomText, so the script may take a few seconds to run. Once you see the green "All done!" message, you're all set!